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Bruschetta with Chilli and Basil Olive Oil Infusion

To Make Infused Olive Oil
 1/4 cups Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 2 dried chillies
 6 basil leaves
Toppings for Bruschetta
 Fresh Basil
 Cherry Tomatoes
 Salt Flakes (optional)

Simply place 1/4 cup of Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a small saucepan, then pop in 2 dried chillies and 6 Basil leaves, gently heating for 4-5 mins.


Remove the chillies and basil leaves, and cool the oil. Then, simply brush your bread with the oil and grill until golden. (Note, it is important to use the oil you make on the day that you make it.)


For a lingering taste of summer, top your bruschetta with feta, plums, tomatoes and basil leaves…you could even drizzle some of your infused Lupi Extra Virgin Olive over the top for extra special culinary elegance.